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Getting Started:

Welcome to your web-enabled Foster Carers Handbook.

If this is the first time you've visited this online handbook, please read through the 'Using this Handbook' guidance to familiarise yourself with the layout and functions.

The handbook reflects policies, procedure and guidance for the fostering service which cover many common situations faced by foster carers on a day to day basis. It has been written in an accessible way to help you understand the sort of things that your fostering service requires of you. It has been designed for new and existing foster carers and deals with the day to day practicalities you may face.

To access the full version of fostering service's policies, procedure and guidance, click here.

It has links to the Minimum Standards for Fostering Services and references to the relevant Training, Support and Development Standards. You should also use the handbook to support your learning and development, particularly in relation to meeting the induction standards.

Foster carers play an important role in the lives of Looked After Children and their families so it is important that you have the necessary tools to support you with this task. The handbook is one of these tools alongside the many professionals you will work with including your Supervising Social Worker and other foster carers.

This is the start of a great journey for you and the children and young people you may work with.

The content is accessible via the subsection links on the right-hand side or to view the full contents list, please click here.

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