This handbook has been written for all foster carers approved by Kent County Council Fostering Service and is endorsed here by Philip Segurola acting Director of Specialist Children’s Services.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to endorse this revised edition of our foster carer handbook.

Foster carers play an absolutely crucial role caring for the most vulnerable children in our communities. Supporting Looked After Children to reach their potential is a challenge, but I am sure you will agree an ultimately rewarding task, so it is important that our carers have everything they need to support them. That is why this handbook is so important and I am sure that you will refer to it frequently during your fostering career in addition to the support from your fostering social worker and the network of foster carers across the county.

The Handbook sits alongside the fostering services policies and procedures which you will need to refer to when you need more detailed information.

Thank you for your commitment to our children in care and I hope that you continue to work with us for the foreseeable future.“

With Best Wishes

Philip Segurola

The handbook contains policies, procedure and guidance which cover many common situations faced by foster carers on a day to day basis. It has been written in an accessible way to help you understand the sort of things that your fostering service requires of you.

It has links to the Minimum Standards for Fostering Services and references to the relevant Training, Support and Development Standards. You should also use the handbook to support your learning and development, particularly in relation to meeting the induction Standards.

For guidance about how to use this handbook please see our Quick Guide.