Brent Family Placement Team and Brent Foster Care Association have great pleasure in introducing our revised Fostering Handbook.

The Foster Carers Handbook has been written for all foster carers who are approved by the London Borough of Brent.

The handbook contains information and advice to cover many common situations that will be faced by foster carers. We have attempted to combine useful information and advice with practical guidance to the legal framework which governs our work. It will not cover every eventuality but we hope it will direct you to the information you need, and complement the working relationships you develop with all those involved with the children entrusted to our care. The handbook is divided into several sections, however if you wish to view a complete list of contents please see the site map.

There is a strong partnership working between Brent Placement Service and The Foster Care Association. This has resulted in having a shared commitment resulting in the Brent Foster Carers Charter being launched on the 20th of June 2012.

Research tells us that children who live in families are likely to have much better life chances and so we will strive to offer a family placement to as many children as we can. Your families' care will make a real difference.

We are especially grateful to the many contributors who have generously offered their time and expertise in the drafting of the handbook and the Brent Foster Carer Charter. Special mention goes to the foster carers focus group who have tirelessly been meeting regularly. We fully intend that it should be a live document and would welcome your comments about how we can make changes and regular improvements.

Hilary Brooks - Interim Head of Service

Patrice Thomas - Chair Of Foster care Association

Caring for foster children and supporting our Foster Carers

Brent Placement Service is committed to providing the best possible service to all Looked After Children and ensuring that our foster carers always have the best possible training, support and guidance.

This guide is designed to be a working handbook for all foster carers, new and established as short-term, Long term, Connected Person, Family and Friends and Special Guardianship. It aims to provide helpful guidelines and information on Brent's Children's Services Department procedures.

We have tried to cover the practice of fostering, the legal framework and the emotional implications. Not every situation that foster carers will encounter will have been covered and this handbook is not a substitute for a good working partnership between foster carers and their supervising social worker. Each foster child is an individual with a unique personality and needs and foster carers will need to respond accordingly.

The handbook will be regularly updated and any suggestion or ideas are always welcome as the service strives to meet all Brent carers needs.

For guidance about how to use this handbook please see our Quick Guide.